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chalkidiki peninsulaWelcome to Nikiti!

Mountains, Sea, Forests -

Chalkidiki peninsula in North Greece

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Only one hour from Thessaloniki you find the green tourist paradise of Chalkidiki in North Greece (Central Makedonia).

Read about Nikiti, a traditional Greek village with 700 years of history, surrounded by a picturesque landscape with pine tree forests, olive groves and beautiful beaches on the longest coast in Greece with 30 km...!

People who cannot find recreation without big hotels, permanent entertaining by holiday reps or plastic-ids around the wrist should avoid Nikiti - but all the other visitors will find hospitality, sun, sea and a picturesque landscape "all-inclusive" and without charge.

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40.2169886 N
23.664132 E

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Nikiti is the traffic light junction on the way to the fabulous beaches of Sithonia...
It consists of an old and a new part and the weekly market is held on Friday morning ...

Informations like this can be read in copy-paste-like proliferation in almost every tourist guide.

This portal aims to show that Nikiti is much more than that - namely a lively community which in summer is a magnet for tourists from all over the world, but at the same time authentically reflects contemporary life in rural Greece.

With our innovating myway navigator online navigator app visitors of this site can easily find various shops, sights and services in Nikiti und Sithonia using their smartphone or tablet. Starting from "your position" myway will guide you to the best beaches or any destination you select.

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Infos events nikitiInfos & Events

Visit Nikiti's new museum

Historical and folkloristic exhibits!

Open every day (except sundays)
  10:00 - 13:00 and
  19:00 - 21:00


Mid-July:   26 km Swimming - Marathon from Kassandra to Nikiti
14. & 15. September:  Village fair with live music
Video showing dance

Local products:

  • ♣ Honey
  • ♣ Olives and Olive Oil
  • ♣ Tsipouro